Here is a collection with links to other pages which information related to business intelligence, decision support systems, data mining, dashboarding and OLAP tools. In addition you will find some of our sponsor partners who advertise here on business intelligence tools software which helps keep this site free of cost and enables to to continually add content related to BI and Data Warehouse.

  • BI Denmark – Business Intelligence is danish BI site with basic information about BI and OLAP tools and a review of some of the best systems on the market today.
  • University of Penge a finacial site from the university of Penge where they put focus on economy and the finacial crisis among other things.
  • Info – Priser Tagsten is one of the leading roofing companies, one of the more positive success stories of a company optimizing their sales with business intelligence software.
  • Praca Raciborz – Sports site wich information on all the big stars in european sports and many of the large events in sports. Thanks for the helping make our lastest event happened, wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.
  • Hotspot Camping – Camping information site. Find the best camping sport or read various reviews of the many campingplaces around europe.

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