DSS useful or not?

October 26, 2012

Choosing a DSS
With all the hype about data mining, social analytics and business intelligence more and more people are considering some type of DSS in order to learn more about their companies and be able to make better decisions.
But is a Decision Support System (DSS) really this useful or is it just another of the many types of business software you talk about for a year or two and then fades away into history like many other types of software techniques have done over time?

In some cases the answer is actually yes, a lot of the companies who goes with a DSS never get’s much benefit from it and it’s mainly due to 2 reasons. The first being lack of data, many companies simply don’t store enough information to make these types of systems very useful. Without a large range of data to analyse the feedback you get from these types of systems ain’t very useful. It requires you to have a large data warehouse with all kinds of information such as all your sales data, various production data, expenses and incomes in order to give you the basic help you are aiming for.
The second of these two reasons is merely lack of training, a DSS requires some amount of training to use properly, most companies puts all their information nicely into a data warehouse, sets up a nice fancy decision support system and then think that is that, now the system can help me make good decisions.. wrong! without proper training you wouldn’t be able to use such a system fully and will never get the full benefits, even with the best datawarehouse in the world as of 2013. But these things does indeed change fast, new players arise every year on the market or the old ones update their software with new functions and features making them even more effective.

So if you decided to go with a DSS system, you should be sure to spend the time collecting all your data and then building a large data warehouse. This part is essential to get the best possible results. Train those people who are going to use the decision support system so that they can fully understand what they are doing and which questions to ask in order to get the best answers and thereby take your company ahead of the competition.