Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools is the way to success. We are a big team of people who on this page will come up with help on how to best use your Business Intelligence Tools and get the most our of your expensive business software.  In addition to business intelligence software there are a bunch of other highly useful tools needed to make your company stand out among the rest and always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Let’s start out by checking out some of these much needed programs.


Targit BI Suite

The BI Suite from Targit is without doubt the best business intelligence software on the planet today, it can help you make the right decisions based on facts rather than just taking wild guesses. This program collects the data from several different sources in order to give you a real time overview over where your company are doing well and where there is room for improvements and how fixing those lacking parts will benefit the others.
This is a must if you want the best possible BI software on the market.



Mavenlink Project Management Tool

The Mavenlink project magagement system is in our opinon on of the best project management systems you can use here in 2012. It’s very easy to use and you get all the basic functions for free. A good PM Tool is a must if you are doing any types of large or small projects in your company.


Microsoft Office&lt

There are programs like open office or star office but if you want the best and most used package of business software, then you can’t really avoid the Microsoft Office package which includes a program for email and contacts handeling, one of the best text editors and several other useful programs for any company.