March 11, 2012


We are a company who has worked for some years with Business Intelligence Software.
We have a broad knowledge of the tools for Business Intelligence Software  and have created this site in order to share some of that information with you, so that you might give BI a chance to and gain some of it’s benefits in your company.

We find the best possible business software for your company but mainly we are focusing on OLAP related BI tools such as data warehouse and data mining powered database applications.

Latest Case

Our most recent case was here in September 2013 where a company called ureshoppen. A medium sized company in Europe selling watches on a global plane. They got 3 main products – dame ure, herre ure and børne ure for men, women and children. They were already using the Microsoft Dynamics Nav system so most of the data we needed for their new business intelligence system was already in place there. All we had to do was integrate and configure their business intelligence system into their Microsoft Dynamics system and setup a few dashboards so they could monitor product, sale and inventory based on real time data. In addition their various company leaders could now pull a ton of different reports using their new reporting software in order to make some better decisions.
You can read more about ureshoppen on their company website v-1 – Ureshoppen.dk ApS.